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Onsite Contractors & Plumbing LTD is a heating and plumbing company based in London.
We are a team of local Gas engineers and plumbers who are Gas Safe Registered, qualified, and experienced to deal with any emergency or non-emergency plumbing and gas heating issues.
Our mission is to deliver the best experience to all our customers, ensuring high workmanship and skills at competitive prices. We can handle all types of gas boilers easily and effectively and we will make sure that you will have your hot water and heating up and running properly in a very short time.

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Boiler Service

Our Gas Safe engineers can handle all types of boiler repairs easily and effectively. We will make sure that you will have your hot water and heating up and running properly in a very short time.
All our engineers are Gas Safe Registered Engineers, and they aim to minimize disruption and inconvenience to you as the homeowner.
At Onsite Contractors & Plumbing, we can fix the most common boiler problems fast:
– No hot water or heating
– Boiler Breakdown
– Boiler leaking
– losing pressure
– Display panel error codes
– Replacing pumps, valves & burners
– Thermostatic repair or replacement
– Banging noises
– Boiler Installation
– And More…

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Yes we do, and we come very quickly whether it is a small task or a big task

Usually there are three things that can cause an unusually high gas bill.:
A broken thermostat .
A faulty motorised valve .
An old pilot light constantly burning.

There are many potential reasons why your boiler keeps losing pressure and it is important to investigate and identify the reason that makes your boiler pressure keeps dropping as soon as possible, to protect and save your boiler itself and also your home from any risk of damage and leak.
Here are some reasons why your boiler losing pressure:
* Leak in the boiler
* A leak in the system
* Faulty part or safety device in the boiler
* Bleeding a raditor

Take care before the cold to prepare your home and plumbing system for below-freezing temperatures. For more vulnerable pipes, you can install pipe insulation and heating cables. But if this isnā€™t an option and your pipes are in danger, turn on a faucet and run some water. Running water.

The Vaillant F.22 error code is a sign that your boiler has low water pressure. This may be due to no pressure or water pressure too low in the boiler, water pressure sensor defective, cable to pump or water pressure sensor loose/not connected/defective